Outer Banks, North Carolina

As you know, I love love love endless exploration and finding new things in old places. Lately I’ve been much more appreciative of my surroundings and the beauty that’s around me every day. Probably because I’m looking for it now, where as before, I didn’t think it was there. I thought I had to get far far away to find anything worth seeing, but I was totally wrong! 

We drove out to Nags Head to play in the sand at Jockey’s Ridge. We walked the back trail by the sound and took some pictures on the beach. It’s so serene that way because the people are minimal. The sand bars were showing in the distance and there were groups of birds huddling together on top of them. We found a few uprooted trees on their sides that were really neat to look at/try to climb. After some walking, we hit a wall of sand, almost a straight up wall! And for some reason, I thought, “I can totally climb this.” and I totally did. and surprisingly, my sister followed suit. Once we got to the top, we walked around and took in the view, gawking at the path we left in the sand behind us in disbelief that we actually did it. The photos don’t even do it justice! We slid back down the sand we just worked so hard to climb, and finished our walk back to the car, where we dumped the sand out of our Nike’s and continued on. 

Next we went to the Bodie Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse was closed for climbing but we took pictures and walked the boardwalk to the gazebo in the marsh. It was such a nice view, but CHILLY! The wind was harsh but the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful time. We were only there for a short time since it was closed, but I definitely want to go back when it’s open! 

We kept driving south and ended up on the Pea Island National Refuge. I couldn’t stop looking at it as we crossed the bridge and I knew we absolutely had to find somewhere to stop! There were a few fishermen in the water that we exchanged hello’s with on our way to the beach. The wind kept progressing the closer we got to the ocean. We walked through the little sand dunes, some of which looked like mini-sand Grand Canyons the way they were .. carved out/eroded. My sister didn’t want to walk all the way to the water, but I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I didn’t go! So I took on the wind and went anyway. I’m so glad I did though, because there was a tide pool/water from the marsh & sound that made its way onto the beach and I had to walk around it to get to the ocean. The wind was pushing, and the ocean looked so angry, but with the clear skies & bright sunshine, it was so beautiful. From my left, it was bright and blue, but to my right, the white tips on the windy sea mixed with the bright sands & sunshine, looked like a sandy, white dream. There was no one else there and I was just immersing myself in the serenity of it. We drove through the rest of the refuge and continued through Rodanthe, Avon, and Buxton, and all the other little towns on the way to Cape Hatteras. 

Our drive back consisted of several failed attempts at finding an open ice cream shop, until we were back in Nags Head! We stopped at Fat Boys for waffle cones and then stopped at a few antique shops on our way back home. 

It was an awesome day and I’m so glad we took the time to just drive. Sometimes that’s all you have to do. Pick a location, pick a direction, and just drive until you find something interesting. 

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  • My dad left a bag of my grandmothers post cards from people over the last 40 years on the table this morning. I spent about an hour going through them and trying to read them. It was fascinating! Stamps from other countries, 1 cent, 20 cents, the Great Wall of China, the beautiful Amalfi coast. So so so cool.
  • Being chronically ill doesn’t make you a “burden”.
You’re not some unfortunate thing that happened. You’re not “less than”, an “inconvenience”, or “annoying”. You’re not your illness. 
What you ARE, is:
* Every bit as much a person as anyone else.
* A complete and total BADASS for handling the cards you’ve been dealt ON TOP of doing life just like everyone else.
* Deserving of a person that’s understanding, supportive, and doesn’t make you feel GUILTY for things that are beyond your control. 
And I hate that this is something I have to constantly remind myself of.
📷 @kaylalajean
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